Sweet Strawberry Sauce

Strawberry Jam & Sauce

My refrigerator was the harborer of strawberries.

Fresh, ripe and sweet strawberries, picked by my own hands straight from the rows of a local strawberry farm. Well...Hubsy and Princess helped.

I intended for these berries to last all summer long, to be enjoyed in various formats;

  • strawberry shortcake, 
  • strawberry lemonade, 
  • chocolate dipped strawberries, 
  • strawberry daiquiris, 
  • vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce, 
  • strawberry jam, 
  • sliced strawberries in a bowl of milk with a dusting of white sugar.
The Strawberry Harvest

But I waited too long and some of the berries were over ripening. I needed a way to use a whole mess of berries, and fast... and to be able to store them for the rest of the season... and be useful in a variety of ways.

That when the internet taught me a thing or two about how to turn a mess of strawberries into something you didn't even know you were living without, and you'll never want to live without it again.

This is all you need:
  • 2 cups of crushed berries (for a saucier sauce use the blender to get a course puree, but for a jam-ier sauce just smush them up in your hands)
  • 2 cups of sugar (1 1/2 will do just fine as well)
  • 1/4 cup of lemon juice (a good large lemon ought to do)
Put everything into a heavy duty pot and bring it all to a full boil, stirring occasionally. Let it keep boiling for about fifteen minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and let it cool, still stirring a bit.

When it's completely cool, pour it into a jar or a plastic container to store in the fridge. Reheat in a sauce pan on the stove. If you must microwave it (which I don't recommend), do not reheat in a plastic container.

  • You now have a jam that will instantly raise your bagel's self esteem. 
  • Warm it up and pour it over some ice cream, and I guarantee... the cow that gave the milk will get a phantom shiver down her spine. 
  • Spread it over a pound cake and add whipped cream. 
  • Mix a couple of spoon fulls into a glass of lemonade.
Be careful. It's addicting.
Under this Big Top, it's known as Strawberry Crack.

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