Meet The Family

Hubsy and RingmasterMama on our wedding day in 1996. 
We had a simple courthouse wedding followed by a family gathering at our little apartment. We had a hot dog and hamburger dinner, grilled on our patio, followed by a grocery store sheet cake that I embellished on my own. It was not the pomp of the ceremony that mattered, but rather the promise of the marriage.

Here we are in 2004. It was our very first ever real professional portrait. In fact, I think it was also the very first time all six of us were within close proximity of one another, and within the vicinity of a camera.

It was taken just about a month before the Dixie Chick's birthday. Right before we were hit with three hurricanes in a row (Charley, Frances, and Jeanne), each about two weeks apart. Although every single building around us suffered enough damage to force every resident to leave, our apartment was completely and totally untouched.

In the above photo, in a clockwise rotation, starting with the 8 o'clock position is The Boy, The Dixie Chick (formerly known as TX Gal), The RingmasterMama, Darling Hubsy, The Princess, and The Punkin.

Here we all are again, when the Dixie Chick brought her growing family for another North Carolina vacation in 2013. This is my beautiful, crazy circus.

This is what it looks like when you combine two circus tents under one Big Top.
From the top to the bottom:
The Boy and Hubsy
RingmasterMama and The Princess
Punkin (on the right)
The Dixie Chick and her own Hubsy
and the two Lil Bubbas.

Can't wait to include the Dixie Chic's new little Princess in our
next monumental family photo!

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