Welcome To The Circus

Welcome to our circus!

I'm Staceemaree, the Ringmaster of this 
heart pounding, 
exhilarating and astounding, 
high flying, 
death defying circus, 
otherwise called my family.

There aren't any elephants, but we do have a dog who grunts like a pig, and a ferocious feline who thinks she's a tiger. You'll find clowns of questionable common sense displaying great feats of skill and courage. There's even food and merchandise! 

When I started this blog, I intended to be the next Martha Stewart; offering cooking & cleaning tips and decorating & craft ideas, I mostly ended up telling tales of what it's like trying to mold the perfect American family out of 
  • a pink sized Princess,
  • a Geek Squad tech god,
  • an adolescent black hole,
  • a country fried Dixie Chick, who had already run off to join the... oops, I mean to start a circus of her own.
And then there's me and Hubsy;
  • a menopausal matriarch with a Caroline Ingalls complex and a Bipolar personality,
  • an interesting combination of Jason Statham, Robin Williams, and Red Foreman. 
Get your ticket, take your seat, and keep your eye on the center ring!
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