Easy Enchiladas

Just a reminder to ya'll: I am no chef. In fact, I'm quite the lazy cook. But my shortcomings aside, I certainly do feed my family well.  I rarely follow a recipe, so I'll rarely give you one. These are merely ideas, and suggestions of what you can throw together to make something yummy and interesting.

All you'll need is a package of soft flour tortillas, a large jar of salsa, a package of shredded cheddar or Mexican style cheese, and a pound of ground beef.  Spread some salsa in the bottom of a large baking dish, to keep the tortillas from sticking. You can also use some kind of no stick spray, but the salsa is tastier.

In a large mixing bowl, combine the browned ground beef, the bag of cheese, and the jar of salsa.  
Be sure to set a little cheese and salsa aside, to spread over the top of the enchiladas before baking. 

Spoon your mixture onto a flour tortilla, and roll it up. 

Line up your enchilada rolls in the baking dish. Spoon the extra salsa lightly over the top, and then sprinkle the extra cheese on top.  Sometimes I run out of tortillas before running out of the ingredient mixture, so I sprinkle that on top of the cheese, that I've sprinkled on top.  Bake it in a 350 degree oven for about twenty minutes. You're really just trying to melt all the cheese, and get everything good and hot.

That's it! It'll give you about sixteen enchiladas. You'll have to adjust the amount of ingredients you use depending on how many people you intend to feed.  For my family of five, who loves this meal, I double up on everything. You can make it as spicy as you want by choosing either mild, medium, or hot salsa. For extra interest, add some black beans, or Mexican style rice (pre-made). Sometimes I add a can of black olives, mushrooms, or extra diced tomatoes.

My children cheer when I say that it's enchilada night, and I have to hold my husband back from sneaking some off of their plates! I hope you enjoy the same satisfaction.

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