Bringing Home Brandi

It was so wonderful to hear the pitter patter of little paws around the house again!

She was like a gift from "fate".  A beautiful mix of two breeds that both Hubsy and I had prior experience with.  I had a Sheltie for several years, as a child, and hubs had a German Shepherd.  At this point in our lives, both of our childhood pets were long gone.  But now we have Brandi.  A gift to ourselves, and to our young daughters. We brought her into our home, and made her part of the family as our little four legged toddler.

And of course toddlers never sit still. Brandi found great joy in running laps around the apartment.  Through the obstacle course of dining room chair legs, figure eights around the coffee table and the sofa.  All that action can certainly build up an appetite:

Feed Me, Seymore!

And when your belly is full, your body is warm, and you're all tuckered out from the daily races, nothing beats a good nap, on a fluffy goose feather pillow:

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