The Bittersweet of This First Day of School

Today is a very special day for our household.  Not only is it the first day of school, but it the very first day of Middle School for my youngest baby, The Princess.  She's such a small girl, having Turner Syndrome, that it's easy to see her as much younger than she is.  But I guess it's time for me to let go of her hand, and let her grow up.  Punkin, my teenager, has spent the whole summer continuing to grow and mature, gathering good friends, and preparing for the tenth grade.  (Now, she was technically held back in the 9th grade, but if she pulls it together and makes up certain credits, then she may be able to advance in the second semester).  I'm very proud and excited for both of them today!

Now, on to my top ten list of why I have been waiting for the first day of the 2012 school year.  From this day forward, or at least until next June...

(01)  When I clean an item... a bathtub, or the dining room table, it will stay clean for hours on end.

(02)  If I straighten an entire room, I can enjoy the stress free, organized neatness all throughout the day.

(03)  I will no longer be bothered by the constant buzzing of an argument, or the pitter patter of a spontaneous slap fight.

(04)  My children will be rising with the sun, sometimes even a whole half an hour before I do!

(05)  Those same children will be bathing on a regular basis, and once again, caring about their hairstyles and outfits.

(06)  I will be able to complete my household chores, and then sit down for an SVU marathon, without interruption!

(07)  I may actually save some money on the electric bill, not having so many lights on, and three computers running all day.

(08)  I may actually be able to keep up with my list of blogs... the ones that I read, and the ones that I write.

(09)  I can finally wrap up those unfinished projects, that I started back in the Spring... like the ancestral family photo wall, and the half painted upstairs hallway.

(10)  I can have shopping days all to myself!

Amazingly, as I finished up my list about why I'm glad that this is the first day of school, I learned that there was yet another school shooting in our nation.  For me, this is not just another shooting, but a much more personal one.... at my old high school in Baltimore.  Not only is it one of the very best schools in the state, but quite possibly, in the country.  It has always been a good and upstanding community, and no one could have ever imagined something like this happening.  I am shocked, and extremely saddened by the situation, and my thoughts are certainly with the students, parents, and faculty, as well as the single victim, and the shooter, and their respective families.         

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