The Hope Of Psychiatric Pharmaceuticals

Just a little more than three months ago, Hubsy took the initiative with our doctor, and joined the ranks of the medicated American public.  I've been there.  My son's been there.  Our daughter is still there, and another daughter is on her way.  It's not a little white "happy pill".  It's hope, by means of medical chemistry, and oh, what a little hope can do...

It can turn everything you know about your world upside down and inside out, that's what.  You see, we've spent years building emotional walls around our household.  Big, high, thick, protective walls.  A barrier to hide the panic, confusion, and embarrassment from all that we've been through in the last twelve years.  Homeland Security wishes it had these walls.  Employers, acquaintances, even family members couldn't breach them.  But with the help of that little white hope... suddenly, without warning... Hubsy dropped the walls.  Like in The Others (with Nicole Kidman), I woke up one morning, and the curtains were gone.  Just gone...

Okay, so it didn't happen overnight.  Like most things in life, it was a process.  Hubsy became more relaxed at home, which is exactly what we were shooting for.  The crumbs of anxiety, left behind after the bread of turmoil, just melted away and his good old self began to emerge.  He was jovial, personable, and approachable once again, and the trickle down effect on our household was nothing short of miraculous.  I don't know what made me think that it was going to stop there, but I did... and it didn't.  Before I knew it, Hubsy was enjoying his work more and more, and spending more and more time at work.  I became terribly jealous of the women with whom we works, with whom he began texting and Facebooking, and outright socializing.  Socializing?!  We don't socialize!

Well, we do now!  It's still a process.  I still wrestle with the demon of jealousy, especially when I see my husband acting out in ways that I haven't seen practically since I met him seventeen years ago.  But that's the man that attracted me in the first place, and now I find myself seriously attracted all over again.  I'm also finding myself quite fond of the people with whom I have to share his attention, and I look forward to Friday nights like I rarely have before. 

We always said "If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy".  Who knew that a happy Daddy makes for a happy Mama.  And when Mama's happy, all is right with the world.  Thanks to the little white hope.

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