Hubsy Spoke Those Four Little Words

Actions speak louder than words, it's true, but sometimes the words can make all the difference. 

Hubsy recently spoke those words.  Four little words that I honestly didn't think I would ever hear.  There was once a time when I knew for certain that he felt that way, so much so that the words didn't even matter.  

But that seems like such a long time ago.  And I know that in our seventeen year relationship, there have been times when I knew for certain that he felt the exact opposite.  In fact, it wasn't that long ago that I was sure he was going to just throw his hands up and walk away, an angry, bitter and broken man.  

But he stuck it out.  Maybe it was my convincing, or maybe it was just because that's who he is.  A real trooper.  A non-quitter.  A man who would suck it up, and continue to go through the motions, regardless of his misery, and the inner turmoil that he tries so hard to hide, even if it was corroding his soul.  He stuck it out because he had responsibilities that he would never walk away from, and he always puts the happiness of others before his own.  Because that's who he is.

But something changed.  I don't know what exactly it is, and I don't need to.  All I need is to see that smile, and know that he's no longer carrying such a heavy burden.  The darkness has lifted, and the air is lighter, much easier to breathe.  I only pray that it continues, and that within a few years time I may get to hear him say those four little words again.  

I think, for a woman who truly loves her man, there can be precious little that tops hearing him say "I love my job!"

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  1. Oh my goodness! haha, you scared me! I love the way you wrote this, though. Every sentence I read made me start running different combinations of 4 words together, and it wasn't until the last 4 words of your post that I was able to breathe.

    Nice one.

    I just have to say though, I'm glad he feels that way! It makes life so much more bearable. =)


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