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Ladies and Gentlemen, let me draw your attention to the blogwriter in the center ring!  She's a stay at home mom, raising two little rodeo clowns, deep in the heart of Texas.  She raises ornamental poultry, among various other domesticated creatures, including a country husband.  She's also the writer of the mom-blog "Mommy's Personal Space".  I've given her the key to the bigtop today, to show off her writing skills to my own readers, and... well, just to show her off!  She's my eldest baby!


Taking The Show On The Road 

by Crystal Burton

Running a household and raising children take so much time, effort, and creativity. The Family Ringmaster chose well with that title—at times “the circus” is the only way to describe it. It may be years on down the road, but one day the children will grow up and move out of the house and start families of their own.

It is at that time when the Ringmaster must bring down the tent. When the main attractions decide to part with the circus and become their own Ringmasters, putting on their own shows. The Punkin and The Princess will have their hands full with the maintenance and upkeep that comes with any circus, and they will have new found appreciations for their own Ringmaster mama. The Boy, while perhaps not standing in the limelight as Ringmaster, will surely be running the show with the lights and cameras and technical details to the circus he becomes a part of.

What will happen then with our beloved Ringmaster? The show must go on... and go on, it shall! Just imagine where she might end up if she were to take her then circus-of-two on the road...

If you follow your Ringmaster's other blogs, you know that she is very much interested in Genealogy. Her grandmother wrote many journals documenting her research of the family trees, tracing back to Charlemagne, early Caesars, Lord Baltimore, and many other amazing historical figures. This captivated the Ringmaster so much that she started a blog to document her own findings, not only of her family but also of her husband's. (The Genealogy Junky). Seeing all of these amazing familial links on a computer screen or in a book is fascinating as it is, but with the free time (and spare change) that grown children leaving home has to offer, this opens the possibility for the Ringmaster and her Hubsy to visit all of these historical sites, not just the more well-known battlefields but anywhere an ancestor lived or died.

Maybe they would start by traveling up and down the eastern seaboard, revisiting the historical sites that her grandmother took her to when she was younger. And not even limiting themselves to only her family history, they could go to New Haven, Connecticut and see where Hubsy's ancestors lived! Then they would travel out of the country, to the Philippines, to see where Ringmaster's great uncle John Hall Owings, Jr served in the Battle of Bataan in World War II. Perhaps they would even go to Genoa, in northern Italy, to see where her Hubsy's ancestors lived just before they came to America. (I will gladly go along with them on that one, since I too have ancestors, and possibly even living relatives, in Italy.)

The traveling doesn't even have to stop there. I remember a time, years ago, when your Ringmaster was also a novelist, working on a story set in the olden times of Celtic Anglo-Saxon England. The few pages I had read of her work-in-progress left me waiting impatiently for the next chapter, and sadly it never came. Some things just have to be put aside for a while, but with the chance to actually visit the lands her book describes, she may just be inspired to continue her writing. (Once again I would gladly go along on that trip to see such beautiful countryside. Not even Texas could compare to England, from the pictures I've seen.) Just imagine, though, reading a book and seeing the Ringmaster on the back cover!

This is only what I would imagine the Ringmaster might do. Perhaps she will discover a new hobby? We can only wait till the tent comes down to find out, and that is still many years in the future. If I'm lucky, maybe she'll travel to Texas and stay out here with me. I'm sure I could bribe her with a few cows, or farming plots...

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