More About My Boy Growing Up

My baby Boy has become a man, and it happened right before my eyes.  It was a moment that has been under construction since the day he was born, but now it is complete.  There was even a spokesman who announced it, pronounced it, and deemed it official.  One moment, he was a boy.  He had a bedtime.  He had homework and chores to do.  But his responsibilities were small, compared to the heavy burdens that can often plague the adult life.  His tassel hung to the right.

And then, with a stroll across the stage, the receiving of a document, the offer of a handshake, and a few words spoken... everything changed. Well, okay, maybe not everything.  But it sure does seem like it, when you're caught up in the "Pomp and Circumstance" of the high school graduation ceremony.  But there are little things that have become part and parcel of our daily family life, that have suddenly ended.  There will be no more checking The Boy's progress on the SPAN account. (Student Parent Access Network: where the school displays a student's assignments, grades, attendance and disciplinary records).  He will no longer be the first one up in the morning, and the first to leave the house for the day. Certain teacher's names will no longer be a dropped into daily conversation.  And I will miss the sound of the Principal's voice in those near daily automated phone announcements. 

Of course, my baby boy is still lurking within this new man who occupies space in my house.  He'll still be asking me what I'm going to make for dinner, or if I'm going to make a family lunch, or what's available for an afternoon snack.  He'll still say "I know" when I gently remind him of a household chore that's on his schedule, that he'll eventually forget to complete... even though "he knows".  He's still going to argue with his little sisters, and complain about the noise they make or the mess they leave.  And of course he'll still be relying on me and Hubsy for the rent, electricity, cable TV,  internet access, and food.  Now, instead of nagging him about homework, I'll be nagging him about job applications, as his label has changed from "student" to "unemployed".  Some things never change.  Except the tassel now hangs to the left.

On another note: It was a difficult day for Hubsy, having had the old "snip snip" just the day before.  (You know what I'm talking about, right?).  As he should've been home with his feet up, instead he hobbled from the parking garage to the Performance Center and back again.  He sat upright, putting pressure on those lower regions, for two hours.  He stood up and sat down, and stood up and sat down, for the National Anthem, the senior's grand entrance, and for several people who just had to walk back and forth down our aisle.  But he suffered in silence, with a smile on his face.  No matter what part of his body was bruised and swollen, this was an occasion that he wouldn't have missed for all the ice and ibuprofen in the world.

Congratulations, and much love, to both of my men!  


  1. First of all, congratulations brother. I am so proud of you, I can't look at your picture in a cap and gown without crying. Why it seems like only yesterday you were my little brother, jumping around on the couch when you play a video game, throwing toys at me and hitting me then running off to tell mom "she started it!" Playing "Anaconda" on the swing set. Just so many childhood memories, and now you arent a child anymore. You're all grown up ♥ I'm just so proud of you, I can't wait till September when I get to see you again. My big grown up brother. :)

    And to the "hubsy"... congratulations on your procedure... sounds like other than some pain, everything went well. It's funny, whenever we talk about having another kid my hubby brings up getting that done too, just because he doesnt want to go through the hassle of me being pregnant again LOL. But he wont, not till he's probably your age, because I think deep down he really does want a little daddy's girl. One day. Maybe. :P

    Still, congratulations to you :)

  2. CONGRATS! What a proud day!!


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