I Like Big Breaks

I peek my head around the corner, and sheepishly enter this blog post. My head hangs heavy with shame for the time I spend away, leaving your inquiring minds to wonder what has become of this circus.

My mind runs like a river of ideas for blog posts, but I'm such a slow blogger, on top of trying to build a little home business, on top of the home and family stuff. So, I tend to take long breaks.

I like big breaks and I can not lie.
You other bloggers can't deny,
When you get bogged down
with a million other things
That family always brings,
You get... overwhelmed...

We have been to the seventh circle of hell, thank you very much, we have time share on the cusp. But as we make our way across these mountains of Mordor, I will bring back stories of our battles, our victories and our defeats. And, Oh Brother, have I got stooooor-ries! 

Living in this house is like channel surfing on cable. We've done the soap opera thing; we've had intrigue and betrayal. We've had some James Bond, 007, high flying spy $h!t going on up in here! We've had multiple medical dramas like Scrubs, ER, and House. And we've had our mental health issues; sometimes its very Dr Phil meets Bob Newhart; simple straightforward, and somewhat comical. Sometimes its more of a deep existential thing thing, like Donnie Darko shot Bambi's mom, and the bullet went through and killed Old Yeller. Now, that's depressing.

But, guess what? We're still here! Most of us are anyway. The circus is always changing. Clowns leave. Clowns come back. New acts are being rehearsed. The seats are being wiped and the floors are being washed, and we'll find more ways to entertain you.

The show must go on!  

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