...We Would Have No Luck At All

This post is actually the second part to my previous post "If It Weren't For Bad Luck", in which I began the story of our downward spiral ever since we've moved to this North Raleigh town. The previous post took place in the Spring. When Summer arrived, the elevator dropped again.

Hubsy became very ill and returned to the "franchise clinic" for a diagnosis of Pneumonia. "Here's some meds, and don't work for a few days". Of course, this time he didn't stay out for long. Hubsy is a trooper and if he can walk, he'll run.

Oh, and in case you've forgotten, throughout the last six months I have continued to suffer through all of my Bipolar symptoms. That hasn't stopped. I wasn't suddenly cured just because there were more important things going on. Although I did go through a very heavy depressive cycle, I've mostly remained in a mixed state, with an increasing number of panic attacks, and the return of debilitating agoraphobia. But hold your horses. Let's not get too far into that here, because no doubt there will be a separate post about that later, on my personal page.

The elevator stabilized in July, and we began desperately trying to pry those doors apart. Hubsy was able to land temporary jobs for The Punkin and The Boy as Marketing Assistants for his own boss. They were out there, sign spinning, during some of the hottest days of the year! Then he helped me land the job as their Social Media Manager. I created a blog for them. I created new profiles and social pages, as their previous ones had been hi-jacked by prior disgruntled employees. I made frequent posts on their behalf and even took my own photos for their use. After a few weeks, Punkin left the property to pursue another job opportunity, but The Boy stayed on, spinning signs and acting as an office assistant, and Hubs picked up some overtime.

Yes, the Summer blessed us with the ability to catch up on all of the bills, and we even bought a used washer and dryer! You see, for the four months prior, we had been sneaking around, doing laundry at apartment communities because we couldn't afford the laundromat, and occasionally doing a few loads of "bathtub laundry". We bought school clothes for The Princess, since she was outgrowing everything; and a few new pieces for my closet, since everything was outgrowing me!

By the end of August, the extra income was fading away, but little did we know that the elevator was gearing up for another drop. I won't go into detail, for the sake of others, but let's just say that a couple of employees grew balls the size of Rocky Mountain Boulders... Management suddenly went deaf, dumb, and blind... and the office politics was thicker than the nation's capital. Having to travel out of town for the death of a family member in September was almost a welcomed escape. If only Punkin and I hadn't brought back a viral souvenir that had us both laid up for a month! I recovered, Punkin did not.

The end of October witnessed the slow death of our refrigerator/freezer. Two visits from the tech and new parts installed couldn't save it. Of course, this had to occur right after a visit to the grocery store. We lost about $200 worth of meat, dairy, and questionable items. You know, when in doubt, throw it out. We could not be reimbursed by management, or renter's insurance. 

So, early November had Hubsy and Punkin both traveling to see our family doctor. Punkin got meds and is recovering nicely. My dear Hubsy... not so much.

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