The Dog Star In The Center Ring

Welcome to the Circus!  I'd like to formally introduce you to one of our beloved animal acts... Brandi the daredevil puppy!  Well, she's not exactly a puppy anymore, but she's not exactly aware of that, so let's just keep that between us, okay?

We found her in the last few days of  February 2006 at our county SPCA.  Born around Christmas of '05, she and her brothers and sisters had been abandoned in the woods by a not-very-nice human, and then rescued by a very-much-nicer one.  Her parents were a German Shepard and some breed of Collie/Sheltie.

Our Puppy-Love

The shelter had pre-named her Imari, but she just felt more like a Brandi to us, and began answering to it almost immediately. We filled out the preliminary paperwork, and went through the interview process. We paid the $100 spaying fee, and were told that we had to wait another week to bring her home. She would be having her surgery, and would need a little recovery time. In the meantime, they would running our background check.  

When I got the call to come and pick her up, we were asked to wait a little while, while they finished giving Brandi her bath. "We have to wash the paint off of her paws", they said.

Earlier that day, the SPCA had been preparing for a future fund raiser, where they would be auctioning off paintings (or pawings) done by the puppies.  Below is the photo of Brandi that later appeared in the local paper that covered the event. She was the star of the show!

The Star of the Show!

It's been nearly eight years now, and she's been the greatest, dearest dog.  So much more than we even anticipated.  Her breeding leads her to be intelligent and very trainable.  She's well socialized, and very playful.  She's a hugger, a beggar, a kitty cat bulldozer, a performer, a hero, a butt bumper, a bump on a log, and a squirrel's worst nightmare. She's our Puppy-Love.  Look for occasional picture posts of Brandi on Facebook!

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