A Mother's Mantra

Becoming a parent is not an obligation, but a personal choice, that comes with great responsibility, and rights that are justly deserved.  I have chosen to bring four new human beings into existence, and so:

I have a responsibility to the world, to make sure that the people I have brought into it are worth the space they take, and the resources they consume.  I have a responsibility to make sure that they are pleasant enough people, with whom the world doesn't mind sharing the space.  I need to instill in them, a sense of reciprocation, so that they are inspired to give back a little of what they take from the world, to keep it whole for those that come up behind them.  I owe the world my very best effort to create people who are:

-- good and sincere friends, who will never hesitate to lend a listening ear, offer a supportive shoulder, and accentuate the good times when they roll.
-- solid citizens who will respect their nation's history, live within their means, and the boundaries of the law, while understanding and enjoying their rights, and exercising their own responsibility to keep those rights in tact.
-- hard working employees, who understand the value of their education, or their sweat, and know it's worth, in trade for a dollar.
-- loyal and respectful spouses, who are trusting and worthy of the same, who will cherish their blessings and honor their commitments.

From the moment they take their first breath of life, I will do my very best to:

-- educate them at every turn, through words and experience, and lead them by example.
-- see to their health and well being; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
-- provide them a safe, loving, and supportive home to act as a solid foundation, on which to build their own lives.
-- protect them from the dangers that I can, and support them through the disappointments and heartbreaks from which I cannot protect them.

Above all else, I will dedicate all that I have, without sacrificing all that I am.  They will learn to love and respect themselves, as well as the world, by watching me do for myself all that I do for them.

If I do all that I am able, as a human being, I have the right to be accepted, respected, and valued by others.  I have the right to be honored by society as a whole, regardless of whether or not I have a college degree, or a financially rewarding career.  And I have the right to rest, because a mother's work is never done.

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