A Busy (Manic) Week At The Circus

Bzzzzzzzz... this house has been a hive of activity lately.  So much so that I have neglected my blogs.  It's not that I haven't had anything to write about, it's just that I haven't had the time to sit and write it.  So, here, in one fell swoop, I'll give you an update on the status of the circus.

Hubsy is running himself ragged in his new role of Service Manager at the apartments. He is painfully understaffed, in the upkeep of two upscale five-story buildings, two parking garages, and a strip of retail stores.  Aside from keeping everything clean, his typical maintenance duties, the office politics, the inventory and reordering, and a slew of air conditioner calls throughout our recent heat wave... he's also had to deal with the tragedy of a suicide, by a resident that everyone knew well.  Without being too morbid, I'll let you know that it was done outside, at the start of the heatwave, and wasn't discovered for four days.  Hubsy had to guard the body until the police arrived, and then stay with them while they investigated the man's apartment.  Then he had to secure the scene to prevent other residents from gawking.  Then stay with the crime scene clean up crew for two days, while they attempted to remove the blood stains from the concrete.  Although this isn't the first time he's experienced death in the apartment industry, this was the first time he actually knew the victim, and it was difficult.

On the upside, a new family has moved into the neighborhood, complete with a young girl who's age falls smack dab in between the ages of my Princess and my Punkin.  These three musketeers have been together everyday for the last four days.  Of course, it just so happens that Punkin has been grounded from going out during this time, and so their new friend has been coming in.  When they're not on the phone gossiping with friends about boys... or with boys about friends... they're chasing the dog through house, and doing each other's hair.  On their downtime, they fall into heaps on the floor in front of an SVU marathon.  Although I'm not very used to having more than my own kids in the house, I have to say that I like this girl.  She's ultra polite, and coming from a very nice and strict household, she may be a good influence on my girls.  She's been  helping them with their chores, and even nudges Punkin to "shut up and obey" when her alter ego, Miss Attitude, rears her ugly head.

What can I say about The Boy?  When he's not upstairs in his room, on his computer, he's downstairs with me, on mine.  It's been nearly a month since his high school graduation, and he's done precious little in his search for work.  Everything he's done, he's done from home... filled out some online applications, and created an account with an online job search service.  Since no one has knocked on our door yet, to offer him employment, I'm sending him our today.  Out ... into the world ... feet to pavement, with the wind in his hair, and the sun on his back.  He's not happy about it, but ask me if I care.  Go ahead, ask me.

As for me, I'm still in the process of cleaning up the messes I made during the whole "house reformation" project I started two weeks ago.  After refurbishing the new dining room table, I had to:

1)  Rearrange the living room to make space for the office furniture.
2)  Patch and paint the living room walls to cover the holes I left when I moved shelves and pictures around.
3)  Rearrange shelves and pictures in the dining room, after reclaiming it from the office furniture, and place the new table.
4)  Patch and paint the dining room to cover holes left from moving shelves and pictures.
5)  Relocate Hubsy's Star Wars collection to the bedroom, since there's no longer space for it in the living room.  Luckily, all I needed to rearrange, in there, was some shelving.  I will eventually patch and paint the bedroom walls ... but OMG, not now!
6)  I've also had to take some time out last week to finally get my North Carolina driver's licence.  Geez, what's the rush?  I've only been living here for five and a half years.  

Things are almost back to normal, but I'm still struggling with a few piles of paperwork that have made a home on the new dining room table.  Once that is dealt with, I can post the photos I've been promising.  In the meantime, when I need downtime, I've been playing Sims3.  I tend to get completely addicted to it, so I've been up late at night, playing out the adventurous and lavish lifestyles, that I wish were mine.  In fact, I think I hear them calling me now.  I'd better go!

(By the way, this is what a Bipolar hypo-manic phase does to me. I discuss more about my Bipolar Disorder on my personal page).

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