Ten Reasons Why I Couldn't Create A Ten List

Here are the ten reasons why I didn't have time to write a decent top ten list this week.  I've received such wonderful comments on my past lists, that I feel rather guilty about letting ya'll down today, but the last seven days have just ran me ragged.  Never fear... for I have several other top tens in the works, that I will be refining for future publication!  In the meantime, let me explain why I've been a Top Ten slacker this past week.

1)  An epic battle with the insurance company over my youngest daughter's medication.  A growth hormone that was prescribed by her endocrinologist, to accelerate her slow growth patterns, brought on by Turner's Syndrome.  A medication that she's been taking for about three years now, without issue.  Suddenly, bureaucracy, red tape, and the run around are rampant.

2)  A spin off of number one ... the denial of my teen daughter's ADHD therapy, by previously mentioned insurance company.  Therapy that they have approved for nearly five years.  Oddly enough, as I receive denial letters, the therapist reports that she has already received payment.  Someone somewhere needs to get their ducks lined up in that proverbial row.

3)  Insurance Confusion, Part Three.  Yes, it appears to be an epic trilogy, as the insurance czar also denies select psychiatric visits, which are necessary to monitor my daughter's progress on her ADHD medications.  These three occurances have had me filling out forms, faxing, phoning, and emailing all week! 

4)  Injury number 247.  Take one thirteen year old girl, with long, lean legs, and a fondness for risky physical activity... add one cup each of ADHD, hypochondria, a craving for attention, and a hatred of school.  Mix well, and in the end, you get a phone call from the school nurse outlining the latest gym class accident... an overextended knee.  Although she is fine, it had to be monitored since two years ago, that same knee had been dislocated by (what is known as) the Karate Class Incident.

5)  Happy Birthday!  Take that same thirteen year old girl, and add one full rotation of the earth around the sun!  Voila... a fourteen year old girl!

6)  Cleaning.  Yes, it's the time of year to organize closets, cabinets, and drawers ... dust the unreachables... wash and/or deodorize upholstery, and other fabrics... and so on.  I'll get to that stuff eventually.  But this past week has mostly been spent on returning the house to it's original state.  The state it was in before my husband spent two weeks at home, recovering from a back injury.  Two weeks spent on the couch watching instant Netflix movies, and catching up on DVR'd television shows, surrounded by various pharmaceuticals, ice packs and heating pads.  Aside from the muscle spasms, and nerve pain, it was a nice home based vacation, blessing us with that rare time spent alone together.
7)  A good book.  I have a limited time to read this 627 page biographical retrospective before it has to go back to the library.  I don't want to have to renew it, because I recently acquired several other books that I can't wait to dive into.  So, please excuse me, if some of the time I would normally spend writing, is temporarily devoted to reading.

8)  The runaround.  No, not the kind that I've been getting from the insurance company, but the typical kind.  Pharmacies, grocery shopping, doctors appointments, carpooling hubby to and from work so I could have the car during the day, department store shopping for birthday preparation, and a visit to the doctor's office to fill out paperwork for the insurance appeal.

9)  Blogging.  Although I wasn't able to finish my intended top ten list in time for today's publication, I did make headway in the draft I'm preparing for next week.  I also prepared a recent posting for Ringmaster, and my other major blog (FascinationEarth).  I made the rounds to my favorite family and nature blogs, and made a few Twitter Tweets, and Facebook updates. 

10)  Sleep.  Aaaah, sweet slumber.  C'mon, Moms, you now what I'm talking about.


  1. And with that, you have a list! I truly hope it all works out with your girls. Those soulless insurance companies!

  2. Yes I know what you are talking about!
    #4 ouch
    #6 yep
    #7 Dang, that's a long book


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