Coming Back To The Blog After Hellish Hiatus

I peek my head around the corner, and sheepishly enter this blog post.  My head hangs heavy with shame for the time I've spent away, leaving your inquiring minds to wonder what has become of this circus.  I know I have a lot of catching up to do, but my mind runs like a river with ideas, if that is any consolation.  But it's not, though... any consolation, that is.  Because I'm such a slow blogger.

So, where have we been, you ask?  We have been to the seventh circle of hell, thank you very much, but we are tentatively trudging our way back, (I say as I figuratively cross all fingers on both hands.  I can't literally cross them, because I'm typing right now, you know).  As we make our way back across these mountains of Mordor, I bring stories of our battles; our victories and our defeats.  And, Oh Brother, Hallelujah, have I got stooooor-ries! 

We've done the soap opera thing with the star crossed lovers, with their forbidden romance and ultimate demise.  We've had intrigue and betrayal.  We've even had some James Bond, 007, high flying spy $h!t going on up in here!  We've had multiple medical dramas that fall anywhere between an episode of Scrubs, ER, and House.  And then we've had our mental health issues.  Sometimes its very Dr Phil meets Bob Newhart; simple straightforward, and occasionally comical.  And sometimes its more of a deep emo thing, like Donnie Darko shot Bambi's mom, and the bullet went clear through and killed Old Yeller.  Now, that's depressing.

But, guess what?  We're still here!  Most of us are anyway.  The circus is now down two more clowns, as The Boy left us January, and Punkin has just recently spread her shaky wings and jumped head first out of the nest.  This, combined with the lifestyle changes we've been making, should chomp a nice chunk out of our monthly expenses.  Now that Hubsy will be back to work shortly, we'll be getting ourselves back on track... not the same track, though, a very different track...but chugging along nonetheless.  

Yes, you heard that right.  Hubsy has been offered a new position.  He's taking a step down the ladder, but that may be just what we need in our quest to simplify and enjoy life under this big top.

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