Why Haven't I Been Blogging Lately?

You may have noticed that I haven't been around much lately. Well, I have been around, just not actively banging away on this keyboard. Actually that's not entirely true either. Okay, so I have been around and I'm still stuck like glue to the laptop... I just haven't been blogging. Dammit! Still not true!

Oh and when I say stuck like glue to the laptop, I mean it. I'm stuck like glue to everything. I literally have glue on my fingers!

Anyway, let me just get right to the point. For the last five months I have been working tirelessly to make some extra money as the owner/operator/artist of an Etsy online handmade crafting store. 

Why do they say "tirelessly"? It's incredibly tiring. I am freakin' tired! Although, with only one out of four kids left to parent, I find that I'm much less "sick & tired". I'm just flat out tired.

Trying to get this little Mom & (well...Mom) shop off the ground has been no easy task, and after five months, I'm about as off the ground as the Wright brothers were on their second attempt at flight. Clarification: not very far.  But I'm working at it every single day, and working hard

First I had to create a few simple little pieces just to have something to sit on my virtual shelves. Etsy recommends that you open with at least ten items. I opened with five. 

As I continued working to create more items, I also joined a couple of Facebook groups that specialize in helping "Etsians" build, establish, and promote... and eventually succeed and prosper. I read article after article and blog after blog on how to really work with Etsy. So at the recommendation of everyone, I setup new social media pages for my shop, and in some cases just began using my existing ones for shop promotions. They require consistent posting. I began learning how to write proper item descriptions, take and edit proper photographs, and use proper search engine tags. These things require constant updating. I began participating in promotional "games" and "linkups".

So, you can see why I haven't been able to spend a lot of time writing stories for my blogs. They'll still be here, but just not very active. Rest assured though, the Ringmaster's Facebook page still gets my attention from time to time. I still like to share photos of my garden's growth, and share cute parenting and household related "fwds". 

I also hope that whatever attention ya'll have given to my blog, you will now turn toward my craft shop. Your interest and support would be greatly appreciated!

Stacee's Random Whatnot Etsy Shop : This is the actual Etsy shop link, also featured in the tabs at the top of this page.

Stacee's Random Whatnot Facebook Page : This is the Facebook page where I regularly make posts about items that are for sale in the shop, as well as DIY crafting videos, hints about what I'm working on next, and items that I love from other Etsy sellers.

Etsy: Helping Etsians Promote FB Group : This is a closed group, but if you are an Etsy seller or buyer, or want to be a seller or buyer, I highly recommend this enormously helpful group!

Staceemaree's Twitter : This is my personal Twitter page (same link as on the sidebar). I post EVERYTHING from all of my blogs on this profile, as well as just tweety tweets. I often participate in "EpicOnEtsy Twitter Parties" where we tweet our products and retweet items that we love from other sellers in a specific time period.

Stacee's Random Whatnot Tumblr Page : I'll Tumbl 4 Ya! Similar to the Facebook page, but if Tumblr is your thing, then I'm there!

Stacee's Random Whatnot on Pinterest : I started out with a Random Whatnot board on my personal Pinterest page, but was advised to create a new business profile. I have several boards showcasing different types of products available from my other Etsy friends, as well as a few DIY videos, Funny Craft related memes, cross stitch and plastic canvas patterns... and more boards coming soon!

Craft Junkie Linkups : A fabulous linky tool where you can add links to your Etsy products.

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