Update To "Desperation"

Dearest Family, Friends, and Readers,
And I do mean Dearest... 

Six days ago I opened a an account on the GoFundMe platform to to raise money for my own family, while we are living in these dire straits (and I don't mean Mark Knoppfler's band). Nearly a week later, I'd like to give you all an update on the situation.

First and foremost, I'd like to thank my donors... the ones who helped us online, and the ones who helped us in the flesh... I would say thank you "from the bottom of my heart", but I don't understand why we say that sort of thing. I would rather thank you from every cell and fiber of the whole darn muscle! 

In the first four days, you have helped me raise $325. Once the platform & the transfer fees are removed, I will receive a cash total of $296, and that is most awesome, indeed. I have not yet withdrawn any of those funds, but I will have to start doing so very soon. I will be leaving the donation page up for a little while, but I hesitate to ask for funds for much longer, as I am still extremely embarrassed about the whole thing, and would much rather find ways of getting back on our feet. 

Some other interesting things came out of this experience, that were unexpected, and very exciting. In the first two days of my campaign, my blog received over 900 visitors! That amount of traffic has earned me $2.00 from the Google Adsense program. I know, I know... $2.00... "whoop-adee-doo!". But Hell Yeah "whoop-adee-doo!". I have been writing some of these blogs since 2009 as a way of generating income, but due to my anxiety and depressive cycles, I am not able to write consistently, and so that effort has failed. But I keep at it because I love my blogs! They are an extension of myself, and have become a way for me to let the world know that I exist!

That being said, I would like to invite everyone to follow my blogs, and visit me more often! It would be a way of contributing to my family, with zero out pocket cost to you! You may even find something useful, or funny, or something. The easiest way for you to do that would be to "LIKE" or "FOLLOW" the Facebook page that is associated with each blog, and you'll find those links on each blog page. Since you're already here, I only have to direct you to:
Another development is that I have decided to throw myself back into craftwork. Once upon a time I was an avid crafter of plastic canvas. Humility aside, I made some very cute items that I offered up at yard sales, and an Etsy page. I gave it up, though, and messed around for the last 9 years with candy making, jewelry making, clay art, and candle crafting. Dumb idea.  My most recent endeavor has been paper mosaics. I love it, and I've created some neat stuff, and I thought I would be able to stick with it. Unfortunately it is very time consuming, and takes me a long time to complete one project. I'm throwing in the towel. And sooooo, I will be returning to plastic canvas as an art form. The materials are inexpensive, and I really think I could make something happen with it. Please please please, wish me luck.

Anyway, "The Boy" is now living in Texas. "The Punkin" has landed a part time gig at a grocery store. "The Princess" is still excelling in her school studies. I'm still plugging away at reading emails and taking surveys for nickels and dimes, selling unwanted and un-needed household items, blogging, trying to figure out how to self publish my nearly completed novel, and very carefully budgeting every penny we have. Hubsy is seeking part time employment, at least until we get Medicaid approval, and he can be put on a regular treatment program for the Crohn's. 

But we have faith. And we have hope again. Losing hope is the most devastating thing that can happen to a human being. Thank you all for helping me find mine again.


  1. Still many prayers! I understand, the crafting thing can be time consuming and expensive! Im trying recycled crafts to sell and make money for more supplies! So how does your blog make money? If I read all your stuff does it or do I need to click on partcular links?

  2. Thanks Marna! Prayers are much appreciated.
    Here is a link that explains how the Adsense program works. If the link isn't clickable, just copy and paste it into your browser.


    Thanks for visiting! And thanks for following the Facebook page. Every time I write a new post, I immediately post a link to (most) of my social networks, so you'll always know when there's something new. :)


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