This New Behavior Confounds Me

I am confounded.  Standing with my hands in my hair, in utter disbelief.

She's doing the dishes, on her regularly scheduled evenings, without even needing a reminder.   She's walking the dog, even if she sometimes 'forgets' to dispose of the outcome.  She doesn't argue (much) anymore, and sometimes even apologizes for moments of temporary insanity, where she's raised her voice to her parents.  She gets herself up on time in the morning, and ready for school before I'm even awake.   She presents her book bag for inspection without being prompted.  She's met her after school curfew regularly.  She's accepting consequences.  She's following rules.  She's earned back all of the privileges that had been revoked for her previous misdeeds, and then some.  She's hanging out at the mall with friends from school.  She's going out on sleepovers.  I've even felt comfortable in training her for being home alone, and babysitting her sister.   She's been respectful to her father.  She's lessened her likelihood of appearing on Hoarders any time soon, by cleaning out some of the clutter from her room.

What the hell is going on here?!  This new behavior, combined with other recent occurrences, has given this circus it's happiest, most peaceful experience in years.  Thank you, God. 

Now, about those grades.....

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