The Cirucs Train Went Off The Tracks

Yes, it seems that I have fallen out of the habit of creating one or two blogposts a week.  Honestly, I don't even think I'm writing once a month.  Maybe some of you are wondering ... is the circus on hiatus?  Did they take the show on the road?  No, friends... actually, the circus train had crashed.

It all started with one of our little clowns.  She's always been a bit unpredictable.  You never quite knew if there was going to be colorful confetti, or an actual gallon of water in the bucket that she threw over the audience.  She always had us watching through a filter of fingers, when she walked the tightrope with nothing but a petite parasol, and no net.  It was always in the back of our minds that if the circus were to ever go down, it would be because that fickle little clown had bankrupted us.  We were wrong.

It turns out that our little clown was hiding a secret that was slowly destroying her from within.  A secret that Stabler and Benson would've known what to do with (cryptically speaking).  One dark night, three little bottles of prescription medication spilled across the tracks, (and through her bloodstream), sending our circus train reeling off the tracks, and into the abyss.

Three hospitals and two weeks later, we've found our way out of the dark hole, but now we're trying to piece the circus back together again.  The Ringmaster is standing in the center ring, trying to direct everyone through the familiar routines.  One of the performers is so swelled up with anger, pain, and guilt that he can barely fit into his costume, much less the little clown car. But the show must go on, they say, and "they" have never been more right.  We sweep up the scattered glitter, and move on.

But we're not alone.  Nobody walks away from a train wreck without some kind of a helping hand.  There are professionals on the case, and we have prayers and well wishes from some of our most beloved circus patrons.  We also have a good foundation, and we will reorganize and rebuild.  This show will go on.        

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  1. Blessings to you and your performers, Ring Master. We are thinking of you, and sending our love and prayers. You know how to contact me if there's something you need. I'm right outside your Big Top with my ticket in hand...


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