The Teenager is Testing Our Resolve

I know that there's "nothing new under the sun". I say it all the time. It's one of my mantras. But I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that my Punkin is trying to take Hubsy and I for another run around the same old track.

It's only been two weeks since we graduated from our six month term in the Intensive Home Therapy program, and we all made some serious progress. The therapists were blown away by us, and they constantly told us so. They had never seen a family work so hard, and come so far. They had never had parents get so involved, and so willing to take responsibility for our part in how it all went wrong in the first place. They talked about us at meetings, they bragged about us ... they loved us. And you know what? We loved them too. Not because they gave us back the power we thought we lost, but because they showed us that we've been wearing the ruby slippers all along.

So, this time around, we will not be pulling our hair out. We will not be losing any sleep. We will not be screaming and yelling and losing our minds. When Punkin was consistently late, three times in a row, coming home from a friend's house, we handled it. When we discovered Punkin's participation in a secret Facebook page, we handled it.

And then today, she made an attempt to take makeup to school (against our rule), by hiding it in her underwear! Now, you may be wondering how I discovered this deed. Well, the five inch long eye liner pencil (which is mine) was peeking out from the waste band of her jeans! That's when I noticed the square outline of my eye shadow, as well as her own blush and lip gloss case. Yes, my eyeballs grew three times their size, and I felt the threat of a stroke in the back of my brain. Hubsy shook his head in disbelief, and disappointment. But we didn't let our anger drop a house on her head. We just clicked our heels three times, and handled it.

I know she's seeing if we can revert back to pre-therapy behavior. I know she's just testing the waters. I know she's going to be slightly surprised to find that the sharks are still there. But I also know that in the long run ... and it's a very loooong run ... we're all going get out this wacky teenage OZ, and find ourselves waking up safely back in Kansas -- pointing to each to each other, saying "and you were there, and you were there".


  1. Ok, so I'm an idiot...I wrote a long comment and then didn't finish logging in so that it would actually publish! Oh teenager...are we at it again so soon! But at least its small stuff and hooraaay, parents for sticking to your guns. I'm tearing up as I write this...its like buying your first car...truly impressive! As I read this, I could picture hubby's vein in his head pulsate,lol! Anyway, keep up the good work, she'll eventually realize that there are two new sheriffs in town!

  2. Luvin' on you all and sending prayers and good thoughts your way as you "do the right thing!" Good for you and husby. Good on you!


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