Making Fruit Salad In A Melon Bowl

Thanks to some fabulous summer fruits being on sale at my grocery store, I decided to put together a little treat for those sultry evenings we were having over the weekend.  Here's how I did it:

I sliced one of those round seedless watermelons in half.  Yes, it still had some of those thin white seeds in it, but they don't really count.  Using a small melon baller, I spent about fifteen minutes scooping out little balls of melon and putting them in a separate bowl.  As the juice built up in the bowl, and in the melon half, I poured it into a tupperware container and set it aside.  I didn't want the fruit getting all soggy, sitting in a pool of juice. Plus... well, I'll explain more later.

When I had scooped all the melon flesh that I could get, I took a spoon and scraped out the rest of the pink melon, until I got down to the white pith.  That remaining flesh went into that juice container, that I just mentioned, until the melon half was nothing but a bowl.  (I turned the melon into a bowl!  Eat that Chris Angel!  No wait, don't eat that, it's not ready yet.).

Next, I added a pint of strawberries, and half a pint of blackberries, to the bowl of watermelon balls, washing them first of course.  I had sliced the strawberries into quarters first, because they were huge!  I tossed them together, getting a good mix going, and dumped it all back into the melon bowl.  Ta-da!  By the way, cantelope and blueberries go good together too.

Now if you have one of those large, oblong watermelons, a neat thing to do is to cut out the top left quarter, and the top right quarter, leaving a thin strip down the top center.  Once you scoop it all out, you have a basket shape.  That's great for serving a fruit salad at a summer party.

Now, you're wondering what I'm going to do with that container of juice and squishy leftover watermelon flesh.  Well, I'm going to put it in the freezer.  When it's frozen, I'll plop it into the blender with a little sweet simple syrup and add some rum for a frozen grown up treat.  I'll bet it would be even better with some watermelon flavored rum!  Yum!

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