This One Goes Out To All The Fans

I would just like to stop, and take this moment to offer up a very happy, heartfelt thank you to every single one of you...

who have visited my blog,
who have returned for another look,
who have left a friendly comment,
who have passed my link on to someone else, and
who have made the commitment to follow through Networked Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, or Google.

This blog has been an experiment of sorts.  A test of my creative abilities, and my confidence in them, or lack thereof.  And a test of my willpower to maintain an active interest in a project; something I struggle with as a sometimes-crafter.  I have surprised myself with what I can be capable of, but I can't take all of the credit.  A blog is nothing more than a blog, without people to interact with it.  Then it becomes an entity, and takes on a life of it's own.  I swear sometimes the posts seem to write themselves! 

But still, it's all because of you.  Your comments have inspired me to keep coming back to this tiny little desk, and peck away at these little black keys ... and I'm not even going to mention all that I've learned from reading all of your own blogs!  Oops, did I just mention it? 

Well, now that's the cat's out of the bag, I guess I could go on.  I've learned that I'm not alone here, in this brain busting bloggosphere.  I've learned that it's okay to admit, that no matter how much I adore them, my kids can drive me up the wall... even the ones that don't have their licenses yet.  It's okay to admit that I am ill equipped to climb the mountain of paperwork (school info sheets, receipts, junk mail, etc), much less to move the mountain.  It's okay to stand on my roof in the rain and scream at the passing garbage truck and mail carrier that "I hate laundry!".  (It is okay to do that, isn't it?).  Anyway, I've learned that we're all here in the same boat, so thank you very much, to those of you who are helping me row ... and those of you who are helping me steer ... and for those of you that brought the sandwiches.  Hey, where are the sandwiches?  


  1. Aw yeah, feelin the love and sending it back your way:) Totally ok to scream about laundry and sorry about the sandwiches I must've left them in my other bag:)


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