Boy Meets World, And The World Wins

I have a teenage son who prefers to spend his time alone in the dark with his computer, NOT doing what one might think a teenage boy would do alone in the dark with his computer.  No, he is a tech head.  He programs, constantly.  And when he's not programming, he's gaming.  He's defended the beaches at Normandy more times than I've seen the actual footage of the actual troops actually defending the beaches at Normandy.  He's invaded Panama more times than Panama deserves to be invaded.  

But he's also reprogrammed his Nintendo DS to act as a wireless portal to his PC hard drive, since he no longer has a wireless laptop.  He's created an alternate screen on his Nintendo DS to greatly resemble an iPhone, complete with useful apps (like calculator, calender, and games), that he programmed, himself.  He's currently working on reprogramming a section of the parent's portal into the county school system (where parents can check up on their kid's current grades and attendance records).  It's projects like this, that have earned him a promotion from student, to Teacher's Assistant in his tech class at the high school.

Once in a while, he needs reminding that his virtual world was originally based on the real one, and that he needs to join the family on an outing, to experience it.  He grunts and groans, but he always has a good time.  He also always has an experience that reinforces his theory that he was not meant for the real world, and he makes a beeline back to the virtual one.

Walking On Water
For instance, last winter, we dragged him out for a curious peek at what Old Man Winter has done to our local lake.  The Boy (his official nickname), was so impressed at how the marsh had frozen over, that he decided to walk where only deer, rabbits, and ducks were known to tread.  He felt like such a big shot, as if no one had ever walked on water before!  As we hiked about a mile in, and a mile back through the woods, he decided to wander off of the path and onto the ice whenever possible.  When we arrived back at the marsh, which is very near home, he went in for a running glide.  This is where nature decided to remind him that ice is slippery.  His feet traveled faster than his body could follow, and went flying into the air.  The butt end came down, and through the ice.  Woohoo!  If you listened very closely, you could hear every nerve ending in his Florida born and raised body screaming "WTF?!". 

Recently, on another expedition around the lake, this time on a beautiful, hot and sunny, spring day (as outlined in a post on my nature blog, FascinationEarth), we all decided to walk where few people have laid their feet... a dry lake bed.  Much of it was firm enough to walk on, although spongy.  Interestingly enough, it was covered in these tiny little spider-like creatures, that hurried along as we stepped, not wanting to be squashed, of course.  Unfortunately, spiders are The Boy's natural enemy, so he huddled behind me, walking in my footsteps and squealing like a little girl for most of the walk!

He regained his composure, and dignity, once we returned to the actual hiking trail, where all we really have to worry about is snakes(!).  That is until we reached the other side of the lake, and he decided to take a "short cut" across 10 feet of the recently revealed muddy shore.  He looked both ways before crossing, to be sure that there were no oncoming spiders.  Being sure that the coast was clear, he continued, only to be blocked by a fallen log.  "No problem", he thought.  "I can step over this log", he thought.  This is the point when nature decided to remind him that mud is soft.  With foot number one firmly planted on the far side of the fallen tree, he lifted foot number two off the ground.  Unfortunately, without the stability of foot number two, foot number one immediately sank into the soft earth, clear up to his thigh!

I don't know how I'm ever going to get him out of the house again!

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  1. That is just amazing. That he can be so afraid of a spider, and find so many reasons to jump right back onto a computer, and yet when he was out here (in the middle of the country wilderness) he was all macho and "lets take this .22 rifle and shoot a rabbit"...

    He sure is a lot like his brother in law. My husband does the SAME THING. "Lets hunt wild hogs" with their huge pointy tusks and thick, near-invincible layers of skin and coarse hair... but when I say "honey could you please change your son's diaper while I make dinner?" He mumbles agreement, then hops on the computer. It's only until after I had to change our son myself, finish dinner, and put his plate in front of him that he pulls out the excuse "oh I didnt hear you ask..."

    Typical male with a computer. Lol.


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